v.30 | Seeking mat donations for incarcerated kiddoes.
v.29 | Sylvia Plath, marching on, and finding joy on international stages, tiny places, and the page.

January 2023

v.28 | Listen, read, and watch for quiet quitting vibes.
v.27 | And other aspirations.

December 2022

v.26 | And one from me too.
v.25 | Step away from the screen with me.

November 2022

In the Flowv.24 | Āsana, meditation and journaling practices for menstruation and moon days.
v.23 | Rethinking menstruation mandates.

October 2022

v.22 | The flaws in me respect the flaws in you.

September 2022

v.21 | Including a few of my favorite fall recipes.
v.20 | "Wisdom sits in places." - Keith Basso
v.19 | Excerpts from an 1891 practice manual.